Polly Patrick

Mrs. Polly Patrick loves activating learning in any group of students – adults or young students, struggling learners or high achievers. Polly taught in multiple disciplines in English language arts and social studies with students from grades 7-12. For 20 years, she also taught undergraduate and graduate school students who wanted to improve their classroom instruction or school culture. During the last decade, Polly has worked as a national consultant, equipping teachers to effectively engage their students in learning. Polly has led PD in Visible Learning, brain-based learning, metacognition, instruction and engagement, school culture for learning, collaborative work, assessment, grading and reporting, school improvement, and in multiple areas of literacy. In her school improvement work, Polly also coaches teachers, principals, and instructional coaches. As an author, she has focused on effective strategies to impact student learning including the importance of questioning and the power of feedback in the learning process. Her latest publication is the book Ask, Don’t Tell: Powerful Questioning in the Classroom.

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