Linda Gregg

Linda Gregg-webIn addition to being a partner consultant, Dr. Linda A. Gregg is the CEO of the American Teachers Academy. She is an experienced professional developer with an extensive background in education. She worked as a professional development associate for over 10 years with the Leadership and Learning Center and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Educational Services. In this position, she conducted seminars on the Common Core State Standards, Data Teams, Common Formative Assessments, Power Strategies for Effective Teaching, Writing to Learn, and RTI. Her credentials include general education, special education, and school administration. She also achieved certification in Visible Learning and Teaching English as a Second Language. Her doctorate is from Nova Southeastern University in educational administration. Linda has taught elementary through high school. She was a principal of elementary and high schools and an associate superintendent of federal programs. Linda was also the coordinator and associate professor for multicultural special education for the College of Santa Fe for seven years. She has taught graduate education courses, advised education students, and supervised numerous student teachers in the field. Her book Response to Instructional Strategies and Interventions: Scenarios for K-12 Educators was published in 2014.

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