Jay Trujillo

Jay Trujillo-webMr. Jay Trujillo is a distinguished educator with over 28 years of professional experience, including 14 years as school principal. Jay has led his schools to extraordinary results. One of Jay’s schools ranked #1 among 82 schools in his Southern California region for improvement over two, three, and four years respectively. This consistent progress earned his school two Model of Excellence Awards and numerous other accolades. Impressively, student achievement in Jay’s schools occurred despite an increasingly diverse student population (e.g., poverty, English language learners, mobility). Jay’s schools’ performance go beyond test scores. His schools have posted all-time records in daily attendance, student grades, behavior, college acceptance rates, honors and Advanced Placement courses, and more. His leadership talents have earned him Principal of the Year honors twice. Jay is a highly sought after leadership consultant throughout the United States. His expertise and credibility have aided schools at all levels (elementary, middle, and high) dramatically improve student achievement.

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