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Literacy Lens Overview 2018


Angela is a recognized authority on Common Core English Language Arts and Literacy. She is the co-author of the bestselling book Navigating the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards and three books about vocabulary instruction and is ready to put her expertise to work at your site.

Cross-curricular literacy is another passion of Angela’s. Grounding her work in the esteemed work of experts like Janet Allen, Arthur Applebee, Harvey Daniels, Doug Fisher, George Hillocks, Mike Schmoker and others, Angela can support teachers of all subjects and grade levels in utilizing reading and writing strategies across the curriculum. Her bestselling book Writing Matters in Every Classroom is a recommended resource.

Good writing process instruction is necessary for all students so that they can be successful in academic and workplace settings. As a middle school and high school English teacher, Angela was a model teacher of effective writing process instruction. As a consultant, she has partnered with hundreds of teachers to become more successful teachers of writing. She can put her experience and pragmatism to work for you and your teachers.

Close Reading Seminar

lended Vocabulary Seminar




Argumentative Essay Example

Handwriting and Writing by Steve Graham

Narrative Writing Planner

Teaching Argument by George Hillocks

Peer Conference Sheets for Students

Peer Editing Handout

Using Picture Books with Older Learners – English Journal

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